Projekt Ich featuring Munich Syndrome – Senses Thrilled With ”Senses Thrilled“, Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller is going to release the seventh single from the forthcoming second studio album which will be released via Echozone in autumn / winter 2021. Following the successful debut album “By Train Through Countries” (2019), Ulf took a short creative break before getting back to work again. He produced several demo songs to continue the debut album’s proven concept of

Lost in a Dream EPs available NOW!

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Lost in a Dream EP & Lost in a Dream Remix EP March saw the release of the Lost in a Dream EP (Extended Play) from Munich Syndrome. the EP featured the title song and an ambient mix. Included were the introspective and downtempo-chill tracks, Solitude, London, Serenity and the exuberant Birthday Song. A more optimistic and meditative group of songs. Renewal & hope. Both EPs are currently available exclusively via our BandCamp page. April
Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence – Book & Album Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, the book and album by Munich Syndrome are available now from: and from Munich Syndrome’s BandCamp page: Review by: Anthony R, Cardno MY THOUGHTS: This is an absolutely engrossing memoir about adoption, secrets, and the search to understand where we came from and who we are. I found it extremely hard to put down. That’s partially because of
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Lost in a Dream EP

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Lost in a Dream Extended Play Available Friday March 5, 2021, exclusively through Munich Syndrome’s BandCamp page, the Lost in a Dream EP. Track listing:1. Lost in a Dream2. Solitude3. London4. Serenity5. Lost in a Dream (Ambient Mix)6. Birthday Song Written, Produced and Performed by: David B. RoundsleyAll songs published by: Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP Available as a pre-order now:

Goodbye 2020

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Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley Goodbye 2020… A year few anticipated that presented everyone with struggles and challenges to overcome and get through. Despite the many loses and challenges the year presented, it’s also been a year of resilience and hope. On many fronts people pulled together to do what’s best for others as well as themselves and I have every confidence we will turn several corners in the coming