Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence – Kickstarter Campaign One man’s journey of self-discovery searching for his DNA origins becomes a compellingly complex mystery. Seemingly unique, this may become more commonplace in our new world of DNA testing, data aggregation and social media. The pros and cons or undertaking such a search are highlighted in this story. Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence Kickstarter Campaign Bad Blood is a deeply personal project that
GRAY/SCALE – New Release from Munich Syndrome, the new album from Munich Syndrome will be available on BandCamp tomorrow. Tomorrow Bandcamp is also waiving artist contribution fees, so any purchases made tomorrow for any artist on Bandcamp will go directly to the artist. The album is download only. While work continues on the next Munich Syndrome album “X”, the world became a different place. Over the past three years we’ve been experimenting in the

Take a Trip

Posted by dbrdesign on  December 4, 2019
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Take a Trip A new song and video from Munich Syndrome: Take a Trip. A psychedelia-tinged hybrid of electro, trip-hop with an acid-rock guitar solo (wait for the 2:30 point or so…) that will be on Munich Syndrome’s forthcoming 10th album, “X (perimental)”. Check out all of our videos on YouTube. Subscribe and be notified when new items are uploaded!
Shane Aungst vs Face The Beat 5 – Megamix by Shane Aungst Along with being on the Face the Beat 5 compilation, Munich Syndrome’s song “Lies” is also a part of a special mega-mix from Shane Aungst! Check it out today!

New Video for “Uptown”

Posted by dbrdesign on  October 24, 2019
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We have just finished a new video for Munich Syndrome. It’s from their 6th album, Atmospherics 1: Urbania. It’s available now on YouTube as well as CD Baby, BandCamp, Amazon and every major digital provider. Uptown