New Munich Syndrome website

Posted by dbrdesign on  October 3, 2019

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Munich Syndrome Official Website The new Munich Syndrome website is now live. A central location to discover and explore all-things Munich Syndrome: Music, video, merchandise (T-Shirts, caps) as well as links to streaming services. You can find reviews, trace the history of the band as well as go deep into their 9-album catalog.

Munich Syndrome

Posted by dbrdesign on  September 24, 2019

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Work continues on a new website for Munich Syndrome (electronic musical project). Currently going through graphic assets and various write-ups over the years. Also incorporating YouTube videos as well as links to where you can find and buy content. Munich Syndrome – The world of Electro Pop 2!


Posted by dbrdesign on  September 19, 2019

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Several projects are taking place simultaneously. After getting the new website up for, work has begun for redesigning and updating, and after that Along with projects, work continues on the second editorial pass on the book, as well as going through 60+ demos for the next Munich Syndrome release. Stay tuned…

The Book

Posted by dbrdesign on  September 5, 2019

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How this all got started was a complete fluke. My adoptive parents always told me I was adopted, and even told me the names of my birth parents. I never questioned it. The big bits of information given to me were, my birth mother wanted to keep me, but my birth father was a student and did not want a child interfering with his studies. The other information the state provided was both my birth

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